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Our team has over five decades of relevant experience.

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PQ provides an independent and reliable visa and verification service. PQ operates on a strict fee-for-service basis therefore, clients can be confident in the integrity of our services.

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PQ provides each of our clients with a customised service. PQ recognises clients have different student assessment needs so we can tailor services accordingly.

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PQ understands the complex verification issues education providers have to navigate when making offers or accepting candidates into institutions.

Our verification services use a blend of technology and experienced front-line staff to produce high quality candidate vetted reports which enable you to make well-informed candidate decisions, and reduce the burden on admissions teams.

As institutions expand their digital marketing campaigns, we see strong growth in the number of direct enquiries and applications from candidates. PQ visa support services is the best fit solution for education providers seeking to convert these direct applications to enrolments.

PQ can assist prospective students with the preparation and lodgement of their visa applications. We verify every document in the submission process and our qualified visa officers ensure all required documents are collated in a timely and accurate manner.

Our non-commission based service model ensures that applicants are serviced for institution of choice and efforts are focused purely on visa lodgement.

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