Short Privacy Collection Statement notice

Please read this Privacy Collection Statement to see how Probitas Quad uses your personal information.

Probitas Quad Pty Ltd (ABN 58) of 2 Wendy Ey Place, Nicoholls ACT, collects your personal information (PI) to performour services, improve our products and services and keep you informed.
If we can’t collect your personal information(PI)we may not be able to undertake these tasks. PI is collected from you but sometimes from third parties like your proposed educational institution. We will only share your PI where necessary to perform our activities with your proposed educational institution (our clients) , service providers, as required by law or court/tribunal order, or with your permission. Your PI may be accessed overseas by some of our service providers. Our Privacy Policy details how to access and change your PI, as well as the privacy complaints process. For complete details on the above go to and

Privacy Collection Statement

The information we collect, and all other information provided by you at the request of Probitas Quad, our clients or our contracted service providers, will be used by Probitas Quad, our service providers and staff to:

  • open and administer your service and service accounts, and keep you informed about your service
  • ensure you’re eligible for admission or visa grant and associated services
  • help you enter and complete your service accounts and check if your servicestatus (when you ask us to)
  • provide support to help improve our products and services
  • undertake market research, member data analysis and direct marketing activities
  • manage and resolve complaints made
  • report information required by law or regulations
  • perform any other appropriate related functions.

If Probitas Quad can’t collect this information from you it may be difficult to perform the activities listed above.

Personal information is generally collected directly from you or through your proposed educational institutions or other representative authorised by you.

Probitas Quad will only share your personal information:

  • with any third party on specific matters if you have consented to the disclosure
  • as required by law or regulations, by Courts/Tribunals, or Government or regulatory bodies/authorities
  • with service providers/third parties that we need to deal with for the purposes described above including: your proposed educational institution, your employer, mail houses, independent consultants and market research companies, auditors, actuaries and lawyers, web hosting companies, web and application developers, online data verification providers and other organisations for the purposes described above.

Instances where your personal information may be accessed by an Australian service provider that sub-contracts certain services overseas, or by an overseas service provider include:

  • to deliver some emails, provide verification services as contracted by hour proposed educational institution – only required details will be shared with service providers outside Australia
  • where you, or your proposed educational institution request verification or visa support services
  • where you provide us with feedback
  • where, following an interaction that you have had with us, we send you a text message or email asking to you to participate in a survey designed to help us improve the services we offer you. Your personal information, including your name, email address and phone number will be provided to our service provider to facilitate this survey.
  • to maintain our Governance Risk and Compliance system (GRC), which may include some of your personal information.

Our overseas service providers are located in countries including India

Where you provide us with the personal information of other individuals, such as your nominated dependants, it is your responsibility to: (a) tell them that you have provided their details to Probitas Quad and (b) provide them with a copy of Probitas Quad’s Privacy Collection Statement.

Probitas Quad’s Privacy Policy provides you with information about how you may:

  • access your personal information held by Probitas Quad and change that information
  • complain about a breach of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and how Probitas Quad will deal with such a complaint.

If you need to contact us regarding personal information we hold about you, please email us at:

Probitas Quad’s Privacy Collection Statement and Privacy Policy may change from time to time. The latest versions will be available online at and

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